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Keeping homes cool in the UK isn’t something that we ever really had to concern ourselves with; however, the impact of climate change has meant that we’ve seen temperatures soar. Previously in the UK, we rarely saw temperatures that exceeded 25°C, and the mean average temperature in July 1972 was a mere 15.2°C. In the last 50 years, we’ve seen this mean average shoot up by 3.2°C, and we even saw temperatures soar to 40°C in July 2022.

The global temperature is rising faster than it ever has before, meaning that in another 50 years, we could see the mean average temperature in July exceed 21.7°C. As a result, 40°C heat will become increasingly common, and the current British infrastructure isn’t equipped to handle such temperatures.

Homes in the UK are built to retain heat, as temperatures have always been on the chillier side. Despite this, the change in climate may mean that we’re required to revolutionise the way in which British homes are built in the future. Until then, it seems a little excessive to completely rebuild your home, which is why Diamond Windows have developed a product that may help.

The Importance of Ventilation

Ventilation describes the exchange of indoor and outdoor air. Since British homes are built to insulate, the ventilation of these spaces isn’t always great. It’s for this reason that when it’s hot, British homes can feel like an unbearable environment. Therefore, enhancing your ventilation system can successfully prevent your home from sealing in hot air, while also inviting fresh outdoor air to enter your space.

How Can Diamond Windows Help with My Home’s Ventilation?

Diamond Windows have come up with an innovative solution to enhance your home’s ventilation, otherwise known as trickle vents. These products are designed to rid your home of stale air and allow a path for fresh air to enter, all via your windows and/or doors.

What are Trickle Vents?

Trickle vents are small openings that enable ventilation even when an opening is closed. Therefore, even when you aren’t home and all your openings are locked, you can rest assured that stale air is being rejected from your home and fresh air is flowing through it. As a result, you won’t feel as though your home has been cooking in your absence.

What is the Purpose of Trickle Vents?

As previously mentioned, British homes are designed to seal in heat and, though this is vital during the winter, during the summer, it creates an uncomfortable living environment. This is especially true for those who haven’t been home for eight hours and find themselves in what feels like an oven at the end of the day. Trickle vents allow for ventilation without windows being open, allowing homeowners to keep their home cooler safely and securely in their absence.

Are Trickle Vents a Good Idea?

If you weren’t already convinced, we can tell you that trickle vents are a good idea. They’re the safest way of enabling controlled ventilation even when you’re not home. Consequently, you won’t find yourself returning to a living room that feels like a sauna after a long day at work.

Are Trickle Vents Necessary?

As of June 2022, all replacement doors and windows must incorporate trickle vents if no other background installation is installed at the property. Therefore, trickle vents have been deemed necessary for almost all UK properties.

Other Ventilation Tips

Our trickle vents will be most effective when paired with other ventilation techniques. These include:

  • Opening all windows and all interior doors in the property to allow fresh air to enter and circulate freely
  • Using an air filter to trap stale air
  • Turning on the extractor fan in kitchens and bathrooms to clear steam
  • Using fans
  • Not having too many people in one room and gathering outside in larger groups

Keep Your Cool with Diamond Windows

Discover more about our trickle vents here and contact us to discover what we can do for your home.

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