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It goes without saying that windows are such a fundamental feature of any home or business. They work to ensure that a property is secure; however, there’s much more to windows than that. After all, home and business owners want a property that they take pride in, and that’s where modern UPVC windows come in. UPVC windows, doors, and porches are all available in a multitude of colours, allowing you to select the one that best fits into your property’s aesthetic. So, read on to discover more about which colour options are available for UPVC windows, doors, and porches.


From black UPVC windows to black UPVC doors, the classic black/brown colour is one of the most popular options. After all, as a rule of thumb, black goes with everything. Therefore, the existing aesthetics of the home don't matter; black windows and doors are sure to complement the property’s appearance effortlessly.  

Anthracite Grey 

Our anthracite grey UPVC porches and modern grey UPVC windows are also great options for homes and businesses. Grey is less intense than black; however, its neutral shade means that it can still effortlessly slot into almost any aesthetic.  

Golden Oak 

Perhaps you’re after a warmer tone; if so, our golden oak UPVC windows and oak UPVC doors are a great option. This colour is ideal for creating the appearance of wood while still reaping the benefits of UPVC, allowing for visual appeal and practicality combined.  

Irish Oak 

The shade of Irish oak makes for light oak UPVC windows, allowing home and business owners to get that wooden appearance in a more muted tone. Therefore, if you’re a fan of the timber effect but you prefer a more subtle colour, then Irish oak is for you.  


The vast majority of modern homes and businesses have white window frames. This tends to be because interior walls and windowsills are often painted white, meaning this shade generally blends into interior design more effectively. So, if you’re a fan of keeping things classic, you might opt for our white UPVC windows and doors.  


Cream UPVC windows and doors allow you to reap the benefits of the subtlety of white while still incorporating a touch of difference. If you’re keen to maintain a subtle appearance but want to steer away from your home looking like everyone else’s, our cream option might just be the best choice for you.  

Dark Green 

Dark green is one of the more unique shades within our UPVC colour options. As a result, if you’re a fan of some earthy tones that can make your home stand out from the crowd, you might consider this as a contender for your property’s doors and windows. 

Chartwell Green 

While you may like earthy tones, you might want something slightly lighter. That’s where our Chartwell green UPVC doors and windows come in. These are ideal for complementing an already colourful interior or injecting a touch of colour into an otherwise neutral space.  

White Ash 

As previously mentioned, white is perhaps the most popular colour for window- and doorframes. Therefore, if you’d like to maintain the subtle appearance of white but you’d like to incorporate the visual appeal of timber into your space, then our white ash UPVC windows and doors are ideal.  


Last but not least is the final timber effect shade, which is rosewood. Rosewood UPVC windows and doors boast a deep brown colour, resulting in a sophisticated and warm appearance. So, if you’re a lover of historic home aesthetics, rosewood might just be the way forward.  

Make the Most of the UPVC Window Colour Options at Diamond Windows 

Here at Diamond Windows, we pride ourselves on keeping on top of the latest window and door technology to provide you with the most secure solutions. While security sits at the forefront of our priorities, this is closely followed by ease of use and visual appeal. This attention to visual appeal is exactly why we offer a number of colour options for our UPVC windows and doors. 

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we have encountered almost every type of property under the sun. As a result, we’re well-equipped to assess your property and determine which window and door type would be best suited to your space. This includes the colour option; over the years, our team has developed an eye for which colours work well together and which ones stand the test of time.  

Finding the best windows and doors couldn’t be easier with the help of Diamond Windows. If you’re looking to upgrade, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be sure to lend you a helping hand in the decision-making and installation process to achieve the best results.  

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